Leg Swelling & Skin Changes

Edema (Leg Swelling)

Edema Leg SwellingIf left untreated, venous reflux disorder can lead to serious circulatory problems, such as edema. Beyond the cosmetic concerns of spider veins and the pain and discomfort of varicose veins, venous reflux is a progressive disease that can trigger significant circulatory problems as it worsens. Swelling of the leg is a sign that damaged or diseased vein valves are not functioning properly. Since the blood cannot be effectively returned to the heart, it pools in the leg resulting in higher than normal pressure (venous hypertension) which causes the leg to swell. This swelling is called edema.

Skin Changes

Changes in the skin color is another indication that venous reflux disorder is worsening. When blood flow back to the heart is inadequate it creates a higher than the normal pressure within the veins of the legs. This can lead to skin damage and changes in the skin’s color, or hyperpigmentation. Worsening venous reflux may also result in changes in the skin texture.