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How To Stay Healthy If You Have Diabetes And Vein Issues

Unfortunately, having diabetes can cause poor circulation and do damage to the nerves and arteries that control your blood vessels and heart. It may increase your risk of heart disease and stroke or cause additional health issues such as certain vein diseases. It is quite common for people with diabetes to have chronic venous disease (CVD) and peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Certain studies indicate that these diseases may increase the risk of blood clots. Board-certified vein specialist Dr. Gregory Azia is here to help! 

At We’re So Vain, a vein clinic in New London, Dr. Azia commonly treats patients who have CVD or PAD and may or may not also have diabetes. Symptoms for diabetes may include non-healing wounds or ulcers, dry skin on the feet, thick toenails, and a slow pulse on the feet or lower extremities. When blood sugar is better controlled, wounds will heal more quickly. 

At We’re So Vain, Dr. Azia offers several options for varicose and spider vein removal so you can live more comfortably. He has an ultrasonographer on staff who will do a thorough study of your veins called “vein mapping” to see if you are a candidate for a safe, FDA-approved in-office vein procedure. Based on your mapping results, Dr. Azia will discuss your vein treatment options with you at your consultation. 

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