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Dr. Gregory Azia

Medical Director

Dr. Gregory Azia is a board-certified vein specialist. He is board certified in both the removal & treatment of veins and vein disorders. He has over 25 years’ experience performing venous treatments in Connecticut.

Dr. Azia graduated from Cornell University and received his medical degree from Albany Medical College, Union University. He completed his general surgery residency at Hospital of Saint Raphael. He has been a Connecticut board-certified general surgeon and attending physician at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, New London, CT since 1993. Dr. Azia is the Section Chief of General Surgery and previous Section Chief of Vascular Surgery for over 10 years at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital. He is a member of and has held leadership positions in many local, regional and national surgical societies. He is also the director of the L & M Vascular Lab, as well as a Registered Physician Vascular Interpretation with his office being accredited by the ICAVL (The Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories).

Dr. Azia treats all aspects of vascular disease with a special interest in new, minimally invasive techniques for varicose veins and other venous diseases at We’re So Vain, LLC® in New London. We’re So Vain is a regional training center for endovenous ablation.

Dr. Azia breaks barriers as one of L&M Hospital’s top surgeons and he loves his work. “Being a physician allows you to be involved with people on a very intimate level and doing so, you take on a great responsibility. In each case, with each patient, you have to be as thoughtful as you can,” he says.

When choosing a doctor for your varicose vein or other vascular disorders, it is important to be educated on your options. Dr. Azia is committed to patient education and his consultations focus on finding the right treatment option for you.

We're So Vain Team Member - Jeananne CapbellJeananne Campbell

Vascular Sonographer

Jeananne Campbell is the vascular sonographer (Ultrasound Technologist) who works with Dr. Azia in his New London office to provide compassionate patient care and excellence in the treatment of venous diseases such as painful and unsightly varicose veins and spider veins. Jeananne has been performing ultrasound testing for Dr. Azia for more than 14 years and she knows that the proper treatment of venous disease can improve people’s lives dramatically.

Jeananne continues to expertly map patients’ veins to provide the best analysis and diagram of an individual’s venous system, a critical piece in deciding which type of procedure to recommend so Dr. Azia can ensure the best results possible. She is a highly educated and trained sonographer, credentialed since 1986. She is registered in four different specialties in the field of Ultrasound and has acquired IAC Vascular accreditations for the past 8 years.

We're So Vain Team Member - Andrea CoxAndrea Cox

Registered Medical Assistant

Andrea joined Dr. Gregory Azia’s practice in March 2012. Andrea is one of our hardworking, friendly medical assistants. She graduated from Huntington Institute for Medical Assisting in 2002. Andrea is excited to bring her knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion to our vein patients. Come and see for yourself how Andrea strives to streamline all the processes and help you understand the treatment options for your vein care to achieve the best results possible. We are certain you will find her to be quite pleasant, professional, and eager to assist you during your visit. “We take great pride in how we care for our patients and appreciate the confidence and trust they have in us here at We’re So Vain and continue to do our best to deserve it.”

WEre So Vain team member Terrie GrabowskiTheresa Grabowsky

Front Desk Medical Manager

Theresa joined We’re So Vain five years ago helping people feel better about their vein issues, done right here in our office. Terrie’s ability to educate and put our patients at ease prior to their vein procedure comes from the joy she receives from watching their lives transform following the treatment. “Overweight people come in and because of their constant leg pain, they are unable to exercise and do the things they love to do. Following the vein procedure by Dr. Azia, they are more active and as a result, begin to look and feel better about themselves. This has such an overall positive impact on people’s lives.” Terrie’s smiling face, warmth, compassion and exceptional background made her a perfect addition to our practice.

We're So Vain Team Members About UsLinda Lemieux

Certified Professional Coder (CPC)

Linda has more than 20 years of experience in coding and billing. Linda has been with Dr. Azia’s office for more than 9 years. In addition to her many responsibilities as a CPC, Linda is the administrator of official policy in the areas of HIPAA standards and office compliance, insurance regulations, and credentialing of insurance companies. She has attested to Meaningful Use for the State of CT for 5 years and attested to MIPS. She maintains office software, is responsible for financial transactions with insurance payments as well as the Defy Nature sales and tax revenue. Linda believes in doing the right thing, has an outstanding work ethic and goes above and beyond what is expected of her and no task is too large.

We're So Vain Team Member - LeticcaLetica Taylor

Registered Medical Assistant

Letica, Leti, is the newest addition to We’re So Vain and to join the staff at Dr. Azia’s medical practice. Leti graduated from Eaton Technical School in Seattle, Washington in 2003 as a Registered Medical Assistant. She is friendly, honest, hardworking and loves to educate people in the community about how they can look and feel their best. “The medical field is my passion and beauty is my confidence.”